Shtataha is an informal expression of astonishment often used similar to the english expression of wow! Manidoominens is Anishnaabe meaning Little Seed that is a gift of the Spirit.

All items are hand crafted from design, process and finishing. Each piece will have unique variations as part of the natural hand crafting process.

It is hoped that you will find joy and beauty as a buyer and wearer of original Shtataha Manidoominens as you walk in your power to journey along the Good Life - Mino Bimaadiziwin.

  • Giizhik Power Duo Earrings

    These are our favourite original design Giizhik Horse Hair Earrings & Giizhik Medicine Wheel Earrings. Discount available for purchase of the pair together and can be purchases separately. Perfect for gifting to your favourite person or keep both for yourself!

  • Gauges & Plug Substitutes

    Many of our earrings can be altered to adapt to your needs! Here is an example of the back of a 00 gauge that was swapped from hooks. We can also create your order with clip ons, just send us an email with your needs. We would love to make your earring dreams come true!

  • Ode'imin Designs

    Our favourite strawberry design! These are open as broach, earrings and even phone grip. Available in any colour combinations from baby pink to black & blingy. Let us know how you'd like your berries!


Example product title

Abalone Hoops with Leather Fringe

Chandra ♡ Giizhigaateg Nbiing

I am Cayuga and Anishnaabe currently residing in London, Ontario. My beaded artwork uses natural elements, semi-precious gems, crystals with gold or silver finishings. I am constantly finding inspiration in nature, natural energies and melding these with haute couture techniques.

As an artist, I feel a sense of connection to my Indigenous roots when creating traditional crafts, harvesting materials, and doing beadwork. In creating wearable pieces, I hope to promote meaningful connections to Indigenous culture and arts.

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Teala Rose ♡ Sabe Kwe

Is Anishnaabe from Bawating located at the Heart of the Great Lakes. With a career rooted in Indigenous advocacy, she has found a creative outlet exploring Indigenous traditional artforms. Her Beadwork uses traditional elements with modern style to create unique pieces with wire-wrapping, leather and unique embellishments.

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